Edward Tang

Associate Professor and Department Chair

Faculty Education

Vassar College (A.B.) New York University (M.A., Ph.D.)

Faculty Research

Postwar societies; the long nineteenth century; the Cold War; Asian American studies

Faculty Teaching

AMS 585: American Experience to 1865 (graduate survey) AMS 595/596: Graduate Research Colloquium AMS 151: World, Nation, Regions Seminars: Cold War America, 19th-Century Popular Culture, Asian/American Worlds Electives: American Postwars, P. T. Barnum's Century, Constructing the American Revolution

Faculty Publications

Book: From Confinement to Containment: Japanese/American Arts during the Early Cold War. Philadelphia: Temple University Press (forthcoming Feb. 2019).   Selected Articles: "Reorienting Empires: Hanama Tasaki's Long the Imperial Way and Postwar American Culture," Journal of Asian American Studies, 17 (February 2014): 31-59. “Occupied Americans: Kay Boyle’s Tales of Postwar Germany,” Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, 1900 to Present, 10 (Fall 2011). “From Internment to Containment: Cold War Imaginings of Japanese Americans in Go for Broke,” Columbia Journal of American Studies, 9 (2009): 84-112. “Rebirth of a Nation: Frederick Douglass as Postwar Founder in Life and Times,” Journal of American Studies, 39 (April 2005): 19-39. “The Civil War as Revolutionary Reenactment: Walt Whitman’s ‘The Centenarian’s Story',” Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, 21 (Winter/Spring 2004): 131-154. “Transpacific Worlds: Visualizing Asian America in Chan is Missing and Dim Sum,” Prospects: An Annual of American Cultural Studies, 27 (2002): 569-593. “Making Declarations of Her Own: Harriet Beecher Stowe as New England Historian,” New England Quarterly, 71 (March 1998): 77-96. “Writing the American Revolution: War Veterans in the 19th-Century Cultural Memory,” Journal of American Studies, 32 (April 1998): 63-80.   Encyclopedia Essay: Asian American Literature, U.S. Empire, and the Eaton Sisters, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History, Oxford University Press, 2015.