Eric Weisbard

Associate Professor

Faculty Education

Princeton (B.A.)

UC Berkeley (M.A., Ph.D)

Faculty Research

20th-century America; popular music; consumer culture; popular culture

Faculty Publications

Authored Books

Top 40 Democracy: The Rival Mainstreams of American Music.  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 2014.

Use Your Illusion I and II. New York: Continuum Press, 2007.

Edited Books

Pop When the World Falls Apart: Music in Troubled Times. Durham: Duke University Press, 2012.

Listen Again: A Momentary History of Pop Music. Durham: Duke University Press, 2007.

This is Pop: In Search of the Elusive at Experience Music Project. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2004.

Book Chapters

“Love, Lore, Celebrity, and Dead Babies: Dolly Parton’s ‘Down From Dover.’” The Rose and the Briar: Love and Liberty in the American Ballad, edited by Sean Wilentz and Greil Marcus, 287-304. New York: Norton, 2004.


“How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Mainstream? Charting the Musical Middle,” American Quarterly, 67:1 (March 2015), 253-265.

“Why Do We Keep Having the Same Debates About Pop Songs,” Los Angeles Review of Books, November 24, 2014.

“Beyond Category? Never! The Game of Genres in Popular Music,” Journal of Popular Music Studies, 25:3 (September 2013), 401-405