My name is Stanton Spencer. I am from Oxford, Mississippi + Hoover, Alabama and I am an American Studies major with a minor in Political Science. I joined American Studies because I already loved American history and was excited by the idea of going deeper to understand American culture. I knew the major was very reading and writing heavy and since I am pre-law I wanted to be in a major like this that would set me up for success. I have learned so much about what makes up our country during my time in the department. I love that so many of the classes I've taken have been discussion based and allow for conversation about the issues covered in different classes. Last semester I took AMS 300 with Dr. McHargh and it was one of the most rewarding classes I've had at UA. The way the class was set up allowed unlimited discussion and debate and allowed me to see topics from a whole different lens and perspective. After graduation, I plan to attend law school.

Stanton Spencer

Field of Study: American Studies major; Political Science minor