Michael Innis-Jiménez

Associate Professor

  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • (205) 348-5968
  • 106D Ten Hoor Hall

Faculty Education

Columbia College (B.A.)

University of Iowa (M.A., Ph.D.)

Faculty Research

Latinos/Latinas in the U.S.; U.S. social, cultural, urban, and labor history, food studies, the American West; race and ethnicity in the Americas

Faculty Publications


Steel Barrio: The Great Mexican Migration to South Chicago, 1915-1940. New York: New York University Press, 2013.

Food, Culture, and Belonging in Mexican Chicago, 1914-1945 (in progress)

The Latino South: A History of Migration and Race in Pursuit of the American Dream (in progress)

Book Chapters

“Beyond the Baseball Diamond and Basketball Court: Organized Leisure in Interwar Mexican Chicago” in More Than Just Peloteros: Sport and U.S. Latino Communities, ed. Jorge Iber (Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, 2015)

“Engaged Learning in the Anti-Immigrant South: Building Bridges in a Hostile Environment” in Civic Labors: Class, Community, & the Challenge of Engaged Scholarship, ed. Dennis Deslippe, Eric Fure-Slocum, and John McKerley. (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2016)

“Chicago Steel, Latino Workers, and Midwestern Environmental History” in The Latino Midwest Reader, ed. Omar Valerio-Jiménez, Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez, and Claire F. Fox. (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2017)



“Beyond the Baseball Diamond and Basketball Court: Organized Leisure in Interwar Mexican Chicago.” The International Journal of the History of Sport 26, no. 7 (June 2009): 906-923.

“Organizing for Fun: Recreation and Community Formation in Mexican South Chicago, 1919-1936.” The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society 98, no. 3 (Autumn 2005) 144-161.

“Beyond Bread and Butter: Graduate Student Organizing in a Right-to-Work State.” In Perspectives: Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association vol. 40 no. 2 (February 2002).