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Why Major in American Studies?

Our students tell us they consider American studies an ideal major: The flexibility of the program allows them to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills while at the same time forge an academic path that suits their goals for intellectual growth. The program emphasizes critical thinking, masterful writing, creativity, and applied knowledge to prepare students for their futures — whether in grad school or the workforce.

Dr. Jolene Hubbs' AMS 203 Southern Studies class discusses the cookbook White Trash Cooking.
"My American Studies major has allowed me to learn and grow academically, providing me with the opportunity to better understand a variety of topics regarding art, culture, politics, and history, approaching each with a unique interdisciplinary approach." Read More
"The true value of an education in American Studies lies within its fundamental composition as an interdisciplinary realm of study. It aims to challenge the traditional academic model by eliminating boundaries between disciplines and instead draws from a wealth of knowledge and perspectives." Read More
"In American Studies, you don’t just learn about American history; you are immersed in the cultural atmosphere of the nation since its inception until the present." Read More
"With the help of dedicated instructors, American Studies courses offer students an opportunity to get the full story; to understand how America, for better or worse, has forged its ever-evolving character through a series of pivotal moments in time." Read More
"Gaining deeper understanding of American culture has revealed how it interacts with the rest of the world, enabling me to better engage with other cultures in my professional future." Read More
I have always been very enamored by the nuanced ways that we interact with one another in society across different cultures within the United States. Read More