Undergraduate Program

Dr. Tang presenting a class lecture on Louis Armstrong

Program of Study

The bachelor of arts program in American Studies is designed to enable students to study the diversity of American experiences, incorporating race, gender, class, and ethnicity as categories for cultural analysis. Students study different aspects of American society and culture: history, film and the arts, literature, social institutions, education, philosophy, and the general American landscape.

Visit the undergraduate catalog for more information on requirements.

Why major in American Studies?

Our students tell us they consider American studies an ideal major: The flexibility of the program allows them to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills while at the same time forge an academic path that suits their goals for intellectual growth. The program emphasizes critical thinking, masterful writing, creativity, and applied knowledge to prepare students for their futures — whether in grad school or the workforce.

Double majoring

Some students double major in American studies because it provides the perfect complement to other disciplines, such as English, psychology, and political science. Because American Studies is such a flexible major, it is easy to combine with another major.


We encourage students to simultaneously explore interesting academic areas and focus on career development. Many students gain course credit for internships and work outside of the classroom, in addition to traditional coursework. Learn more on our internships page.

After graduation

A major in American studies will prepare you for a variety of career options. Our graduates have gone to law school, nonprofit work, graduate school in any number of subjects, Teach for America, advertising, historical commissions, arts alliances, public relations, politics, and think tanks. Visit our alumni page to see where the American studies degree has taken our graduates.

Learn more

Contact our Undergraduate Coordinator, Dr. Stacy Morgan (smorgan@ua.edu), to find out how American studies can help you meet and exceed your academic goals at The University of Alabama.