Faculty Research Interests

American Studies is organized into three subfields:

  • Popular culture
  • Ethnic studies
  • Southern studies

This page provides brief overviews of our faculty members’ research interests. For more detailed information, including lists of publications, browse our directory.

collage of popular music artists and the words Billboard Hot 100

Studying popular culture means analyzing images, ideas, events, and institutions that appeal to a wide audience, including music, sports, tourism, fashion, film and TV, video games, and more.

Ethnic Studies

large group of demonstrators advocating for indigenous people's rights

Ethnic Studies looks at the intersections of race, ethnicity, and national identity, including how minority groups and individuals define themselves, or how others define them, within historical and cultural contexts.

  • Professor Mike Innis-Jiménez‘s research interests include Latinx studies, such as immigration, urban culture, foodways, labor, and sports.
  • Professor Stacy Morgan‘s research interests include African American studies, such as art and literature and folklore.
  • Professor Mairin Odle‘s research interests include Native American studies, such as early Euro-Native interactions and history of the body.
  • Professor Edward Tang‘s research interests include Asian American studies, such as the arts, the Cold War, and transnationalism.

Southern Studies

black and white map of Southern U.S. states

Southern Studies scholars examine the U.S. South through its cultural forms and social interactions, as expressed through literature, arts, history, politics, rural and urban landscapes, and foodways.