Recipients of American Studies Scholarship Awards

The Department of American Studies congratulates the following AMS majors who have received American Studies Scholarship awards from the department: Lucy Barrow, Ian Bittner, Peyton Goodwin, Caroline Keating, Shiki Wang, and Kiana Younker. Lucy Barrow Ian Bittner Peyton Goodwin Caroline Keating Shiki Wang Kiana Younker

Dr. Hubbs Publishes Article in American Quarterly

In September 2021, an article by Dr. Hubbs called “Untranslatable Creole: Language Suppression, Racial Segregation, and Louisiana Local Color Fiction” was published as part of a special issue of American Quarterly focusing on the politics of language, translation, and multilingualism in the field of American studies. American Quarterly is the official publication of the American Studies Association. You can read Dr.

Dr. Weisbard on panel, “Family Meal – Soundtrack to Creativity: Refiguring American Music Authors”

Dr. Weisbard was part of a panel discussion, “Family Meal – Soundtrack to Creativity: Refiguring American Music Authors,” sponsored by UCLA’s Herb Albert School of Music, on April 29, 2021. The event featured authors from the Duke University Press book series, Refiguring American Music.   https://schoolofmusic.ucla.edu/event/family-meal-soundtrack-to-creativity-refiguring-american-music-authors/  

Dr. Innis-Jimenez is quoted in international papers

Dr. Mike Innis-Jimenez is quoted in two international papers, the Manila Standard (Philippines) and Yahoo! Actualities (France) about the fight in Alabama over establishing the first Amazon labor union. https://manilastandard.net/business/biz-plus/350616/alabama-could-be-home-to-amazon-s-first-union-in-us.html https://fr.news.yahoo.com/premier-syndicat-amazon-am%C3%A9ricain-pourrait-032155426.html   Dr. Innis-Jimenez quoted in the Los Angeles Times about the aftermath of the Amazon union vote in Alabama: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2021-04-09/amazon-union-workers-alabama-vote-loss

Recipients of Louise B. Tate Memorial Endowed Scholarship 2020-2021

The Department of American Studies congratulates the following students who have received Louise B. Tate Memorial Endowed Scholarship and accompanying monetary support for their studies during the 2020-2021 academic year: Lucy Barrow, a senior from Gulf Breeze, FL who also has begun the department’s Accelerated Master’s Program Ian Bittner, a junior from Tuscaloosa, AL Allison

Undergraduate Alum Publishes Essay

Hannah Dillashaw, who earned a BA in American Studies and graduated in 2020, published an essay, “‘Ain’t Never Done Anything but Sing”: Understanding Betsy through Her Canary, in the Explicator. She first explored the topic in Dr. Hubbs’s class AMS 465: Fictions of American Identity. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00144940.2020.1868390  

Congratulations to Riecher Denmark

Congratulations to Riecher Denmark, an MA student in American Studies, who published an essay, What Barn? The Dialectical Revolt of Sarah Penn in Freeman’s “Revolt of ‘Mother’,” which appears in the Explicator. Reicher first produced this work in Dr. Hubbs’s class, AMS 565: Fictions of American Identity.   https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/00144940.2020.1820932 What Barn? The Dialectical Revolt of